KJ Wilhelm:  Painting,  Relief Printmaking,  Assemblage,  Collage

There is no thrill equal to the discovery of an idea worthy of becoming an artwork. In my endless quest I might unearth a composition, subject or scene...often hiding in plain sight.

The old Greyhound Station in Bakersfield has yielded countless engaging views particularly under its green evening light. The Port of Redwood City's massive, pink sand dredger looms dominant and majestic at the horizon particularly as daylight fades. Even the moody shadow and light pattern between our house and next door makes for a compelling view. Nothing beats the elevated interpretation and preservation of a seemingly ordinary subject transformed into something extraordinary.

My works are produced in an endangered studio building along the Oakland Estuary. I am constantly moved and inspired locally not only by the quiet authority of the vast Port of Oakland, the workings of old industry and acres of train yards but also further afield by all manner of obscure and austere locations throughout California and the United States.